Do you love jewelry but sometimes feel overwhelmed in a jewelry store? Let us help you design (or find) something that you will treasure for a lifetime, something that can become an heirloom in your family, with your own personal touch. Precious stones, precious metal, precious memories.


Welcome to Carat Concierge! We specialize in jewelry that is specific to our customer. We curate a small collection of jewelry for our discerning customers with a keen eye, and also specialize in custom pieces. If you're looking for something personal and special, we work with you every step to make sure that every detail, down to the link of the chain on a pendant, is perfect, and personal. It's easy to get swept up in pretty, sparkly things, but implementing a piece of jewelry that fits just right into your lifestyle, career, wardrobe, etc...can be daunting. This is where we come in. All custom pieces are manufactured locally.


We're always looking for new designs and design inspiration.

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